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The editor will gratefully appreciate receiving any comments, corrections, and amendments to any of the above Lists.


The order of items in both parts of the list (List of Printed Publications and List of Conference Presentations) is purely alphabetical (with respect to Authors, of course). Our Authors (i.e. affiliated to the Institute at the time of Conference presentation and/or sending paper to a publisher) are marked in BOLD CAPITALS.

In the first part, each item shows authors, title in the language of original (with English translation, if necessary) and bibliographic information (including that of translating journal when appropriate). Also information about Errata or preceeding/following publication in a series is placed here. If the publication follows a Conference, a concise information about its name, place, and time is supplied. If only known, Digital Object Identifier, links are submitted.

In the second part, each item shows authors, title [ev. with translation] and indication of the form of presentation: (P) – poster, (C) – communication (oral), (L) – lecture, (I) – invited lecture; (distinguishing between (C) and (L) is somewhat arbitrary). The concise information about the Conference name, place and time follows.

These lists are originally coded in LaTeX, converted to PostScript by dvips and finally to *.pdf format by GhostScript (precisely: by pdfwrite script).

If you want to exploit the contents of the lists, please do not bother with text extracting tools, the LaTeX code is available, just e-mail me.