The curriculum is based on modules of various lengths (from one to several semesters), which consist of cycles of interesting activities of various subjects and character (lectures, exercises, laboratories, seminars, popularization of science) to be realized in almost any order throughout the entire period of education. In the case of most modules, doctoral students and their supervisors select from the available pool the most valuable activities in their research and scientific career. As it befits an international school, education at WSD IPAN is provided in English.

The subject modules at WSD IPAN are the following:

    • TOOLS - Tools for the investigator's workshop

      During these classes, our Ph.D. students learn how to plan research, write grant and patent applications, analyze data, edit articles, prepare conference presentations, etc. - the "must-have" of every scientist.


    • GENERAL - Research methods and general issues

      A series of several-hour-long lectures by experts presenting in an accessible way the research methods used in research in modern science (both experimental and theoretical). These classes are not only about getting to know the tools of other scientists - they also mean broader horizons, courage to speak at scientific conferences and self-confidence in the scientific discourse.


    • ADVANCED - Advanced topics

      During these classes, PhD students of WSD IPAS get to know the area of research closest to their doctoral dissertation and become experts in their discipline.


    • INTERDISCIPLINARY - Interdisciplinary classes

      Classes for those not afraid to see physics and chemistry in biology.


    • SEMINARS - Seminars

      Every scientist must be able to listen and talk to others in such a way as to be understood. Seminars at WDS IPAS, conducted at various levels and for miscellaneous audiences, teach this.


    • PRACTICAL – Practical training

      The theory is not enough – a scientist needs an apron, glasses, gloves, modern equipment, and much pleasure in doing research. Ph.D. students of WDS IPAS don't have to take anyone's word for it - they can verify everything for themselves or prove it experimentally to others.


  • ENGLISH - English language course

    Weekly conversations with a native speaker (optional), for ambitious students, for even greater self-confidence.

Details of the curriculum can be found here (PDF, 355 kB).