About the plan

The Gender Equality Plan (Plan for assisting employees in harmonious career development) for 2022-2026 is a tool aimed at creating a comfortable workplace and development for employees and doctoral students based on the principles of equal and dignified treatment, as well as supporting individuals in difficult moments of their careers and family life.

The Gender Equality Plan begins with a diagnosis of the impact of the gender of staff and doctoral students on the implementation of professional development and performance of tasks at the Institute, by identifying the elements that constitute the most significant barriers depending on the nature of work or life situation. The document then defines a set of detailed corrective actions that, in the perspective of the Plan's implementation, will lead to a reduction in inequalities as measured by the proposed indicators.

The results of the annual analyses of the Plan's effects will be made public on this website (the annual report will be published no later than March 31 of the following year).

Director's Proxy for Equality Affairs

Coordination of activities related to the implementation of the plan will be handled by Ms. Magdalena Skrajnowska, who has been appointed as the Director's Proxy for Equality Affairs.   


  • The Plan was introduced by order of the Director of the Institute No. 1/05/2022: LINK (PDF, 400kB)
  • Text of the plan available for download: LINK (PDF, 550kB)
  • Annual report on the implementation of the plan (as of 1.01.2023): LINK (PDF, 386kB)
  • Annual report on the implementation of the plan (as of 1.01.2024): LINK (PDF, 389kB)