Institute of Low Temperature and Structural Research is a research institute of the Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Earth Sciences Division of Polish Academy of Sciences. It employs 109 researchers including 30 professors, 25 with the postdoctoral degree (habilitation), 29 with doctoral degree.

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Research interests include wide research of physicochemical structure of solid state and connection to physical, chemical and spectroscopic properties, especially in low temperatures. Institute’s specialty are investigations of magnetic 5f- and 4f -electron systems, superconductors, physics of phase transitions and molecular spectroscopy.

The main tasks of the Institute are: conducting scientific research (mostly basic, pre-application studies); scientific training of researchers and specialists with qualifications connected with Institute’s interests and used research methods; cooperation with universities and colleges in teaching duties; smoothing the way of applying of the obtained results; supporting of the governmental units in metrological duties; and popularization of knowledge connected with Institute’s interests. Institute Scientific Council has rights to award PhD and PhD hab. Degrees in physics and chemistry.