Who can apply?

Persons who would like to start a four-year doctoral program in physicalchemicalbiological, or medical sciences from October and who have obtained an M.Sc. degree, M.Sc. Eng. degree or equivalent (or will get it before October 1):

  • in physics, chemistry, materials engineering, or related disciplines - in the case of disciplines of physical and chemical sciences,
  • in biology, biotechnology, medicine, pharmacy, chemistry, or related disciplines - in the case of the disciplines of biological and medical sciences.

may apply for admission to WDS IPAS.

In exceptional cases, justified by the highest quality of scientific achievements, applications for admission to the School may be submitted by persons who do not meet the above-mentioned requirements but are graduates of first-cycle studies or who have completed the third year of uniform master's studies in the fields mentioned above.

What is the recruitment process like?

Primary recruitment is carried out through a competition conducted by the Recruitment Committees acting at Doctoral Entities (i.e., ILTSR PAS and HIIET PAS). The basis for accepting a candidate to the School is their position on the ranking list determined by the number of recruitment points obtained and the availability of places in Doctoral Entities.

The Recruitment Committees conduct interviews with the candidates, which consist of:

  • A 10-minute presentation in English of scientific achievements to date, motivation to undertake scientific work, and own scientific interests,
  • an interview in Polish or English verifying the knowledge of the chosen discipline; in particular, the candidate's knowledge will be checked:
  • in the discipline of physical sciences - in physics (in particular in the physics of the solid-state),
  • in the discipline of chemical sciences - in chemistry (in particular physical chemistry),
  • in the discipline of biological sciences - in biology (in particular in immunology, molecular biology, and microbiology)
  • in the discipline of medical sciences - in medical biology (in particular immunology, genetics, and microbiology).

After the interview, the Recruitment Committees award candidates recruitment points (from 0 to 20 points):

  • evaluation of the candidate's previous training course, achievements, and predisposition to scientific work based on the documentation provided (from 0 to 5 points),
  • evaluation of the presentation of the applicant (0 to 5 points),
  • assessment of the candidate's knowledge of the discipline (0 to 10 points),

and then draw up ranking lists for each discipline separately.

The ranking lists, indicating the minimum number of recruitment points and persons admitted, shall be made public and published on the School's website and in the Public Information Bulletins of Doctoral Entities.

Should the available number of places be vacant, the School reserves the right to announce and carry out supplementary recruitment in September.

What documents should I submit?

Applications for admission to the School must be submitted:

  • in person at the School premises (i.e., at the Secretariat of the Institute of Low Temperatures and Structural Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences at Okólna Street 2 in Wrocław) from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • by registered mail or courier service (date of receipt of documents at the School's premises decides) to the address: WSD IPAN, ul. Okólna 2, 50-422 Wrocław
  • by e-mail  (to ) . However, the original documents should be delivered before the beginning of the education (failure to meet this requirement will result in the removal from the list of doctoral students).

The application should include a filled application form (DOCX, 43 kB) and presented in Polish or English:

  • diplomas: diplomas: graduation from Bachelor's (engineering) and Master's (if the latter has already been awarded) studies,
    [in the case of candidates who do not meet this condition: (1) a copy of the diploma of completion of first-cycle or third-year master's degree studies and (2) an application to the School Council for admission to recruitment, including a description of proven scientific achievement of the highest quality],
  • a copy of the complete first-cycle and second-cycle (or long-cycle) applicant's Transcript of Records (or equivalent), or a supplement to the diploma with grades from the entire course of study, or a student grading card from all years of study, certified by the Dean's Office,
  • certificate of knowledge of English at B2 or higher level (does not apply to candidates who have passed the exam finishing the course at this level in the course of their studies),
  • a cover letter indicating the preferred research topic (2-3 indications).
  • additional documents proving the candidate's suitability for scientific work (list of publications and conference presentations, list of completed courses and postgraduate studies, obtained language certificates, activity in scientific circles, etc.).

In the case of foreigners who have obtained a professional title at a university outside the European Union, it is additionally required to authenticate documents confirming that the title has been obtained by NAWA (Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange) (https://nawa.gov.pl/en/recognition).

Is it possible to be a doctoral student in a research project?

In the case of funds coming from external institutions' projects and intended to finance a doctoral scholarship for a doctoral student participating in the project, special recruitment may be announced with the commencement of education from the beginning of the month following the entry into the list of doctoral students. It will be conducted on the basis of the rules described above, however:

  • the calendar of the special recruitment will be announced in advance on the School's website.
  • The Recruitment Committee is joined by the project manager who assigns an additional 0-4 points for the candidate's suitability to perform the tasks provided for in the project.

Information on the recognition of master degree diplomas issued outside Poland

    1. The Recruitment Rules for the Wroclaw Doctoral School of the Institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences oblige the foreigners to submit documents authenticating their master's degree diploma (a recognition statement). This document may be obtained automatically using the KWALIFIKATOR system (https://nawa.gov.pl/en/recognition/system- kwalifikator), or by applying for an individual statement to NAWA (https://nawa.gov.pl/en/recognition/how-to-obtain-a-recognition-statement).
    2. A general principle in force in Poland concerning the recognition of master's degree diplomas issued outside Poland states:

    "If your degree entitles you to apply for doctoral degree in the country of issue, also in Poland it gives the right to access education at the doctoral school or to start proceedings which lead to obtaining Polish academic degree.


    Diplomas confirming the completion of higher education abroad do not give access to further studies in Poland if:

    • institutions which issued them or institutions in which the education was provided:
      • were not accredited higher education institutions on the date of issuing the diploma or implemented a study programme which did not have accreditation on the date of issuing the diploma or
      • do not operate within a higher education system of any country or
    • a higher education programme or its part was implemented against provisions of the country in which the education was provided.

Where can I find out more?

Details of the rules of recruitment can be found here (PDF, 273 kB).
From May 21, 2023, changes in the recruitment rules will apply, which can be found here (PDF, 272 kB).
Detail information on the collection and processing of personal data (GDPR) can be found here (PDF, 279 kB).