School Council

The School Council is the advisory, supervisory, control, appeal, and academic body which supports the functioning of the School, consisting of the Head of the School (Chairman of the School Council), the Deputy Head of the School, six representatives of the Doctoral Entities elected by the Scientific Councils of the respective Doctoral Entity, and two representatives of doctoral students, one from each Doctoral Entity.

Head of the School: Prof. dr hab. Leszek Kępiński (ILTSR)
Deputy head of the School: Dr hab. Egbert Piasecki (IIET)

Institutes representatives:
Prof. dr hab. Katarzyna Bogunia-Kubik (IIET)
Dr hab. Małgorzata Cebrat (IIET)
Prof. dr hab. Marcin Czerwiński (IIET)
Prof. dr hab. Krystyna Dąbrowska (IIET)
Prof. dr hab. Tadeusz Kopeć (INTiBS)
Dr hab. Marcin Matusiak (ILTSR)
Dr hab. Anna Pawlik (IIET)
Prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Rogacki (ILTSR)
Dr hab. Małgorzata Samsel-Czekała (ILTSR)
Prof. dr hab. Joanna Wietrzyk (IIET)
Prof. dr hab. Marek Wołcyrz (ILTSR)
Prof. dr hab. Andrzej Zaleski (ILTSR)

Ph.D. students representatives:
M.Sc. Daria Artyszuk (IIET)
M.Sc. Weronika Bodylska (ILTSR)