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Seminarium Międzynarodowego Laboratorium Silnych Pól Magnetycznych i Niskich Temperatur PAN

14:00 Thursday, 12-12-13
ul. Gajowicka 95, sala seminaryjna (nowy budynek, II piętro)

Magnetic and transport characteristics of modern HTS composites

A.P. Sotnikova

ational Research Nuclear University «MEPHI», Moscow, Russia

Comparative analysis of magnetic and transport properties of 2G high-temperature superconducting composites produced by SuperPower and American Superconductors will be presented. The transport measurements were carried out at 77K in the magnetic field ranging from 0T to 14T for two orientations of magnetic field with respect to the tape surface. The dependencies of the critical current and pinning forces on the value of magnetic field have been obtained. Magnetization measurements have been performed at temperatures and magnetic fields that ranged from 4.2K to 77K and 0 to 14T, respectively. The effect of sample’s architectures on magnetization, critical current as well as mechanical properties of HTS composites have been studied. A comparison of magnetization curves and critical currents at temperatures from 4,2K up to 77 K has been carried out, in order to estimate the possibility of using HTS composites at intermediate temperatures, in particular at liquid neon temperature. The conclusions about the possibility of application of 2G tapes in various devices, have been drawn from the obtained experimental data.

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