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Seminarium Międzynarodowego Laboratorium Silnych Pól Magnetycznych i Niskich Temperatur PAN

14:00 Tuesday, 26-11-13
ul. Gajowicka 95, sala seminaryjna (nowy budynek, II piętro)

Investigation of low-dimensional objects under the framework of the joint STCU project # 5373: “Quantum electron transport in nanostructures for practical applications”

L. A. Konopko, A. Nikolaeva

Ghitu Institute of Electronic Engineering and Nanotechnologies, Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Kishinev, Moldova

The goal of the project is to solve two key problems in modern physics of low-dimensional materials: (1) single-electron transport in semimetal, semiconductor and superconductor nanostructures and (2) the enhancement of thermoelectric efficiency of materials due to the quantum size effect in nanowires addressing surface states. Semimetal Bi exhibit Rashba spin-orbit surface bands for which ultrahigh mobilities and enhanced thermopower has been predicted. In nanoelectronics, the solution of these problems will contribute to the development of single-electron transistor (SET) based on semimetal, semiconductor and superconductor nanoconstructions and to design of the new miniature thermoelectric coolers on the basis of the nanowires that can for example be used in instant cooling or freezing of cells (e.g. cancer cells) in biomedical research. SET’s are switching devices that uses controlled electron tunneling to amplify current; They are made from two tunnel junctions that share a common electrode.

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