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Wykład w ramach WSD IPAN

12:00 Wednesday, 12-05-21
Microsoft Teams

Basics of confocal microscopy and image analysis for research applications.

dr hab. Grzegorz Chodaczek

Laboratorium Bio-obrazowania, Sieć Badawcza Łukasiewicz – PORT Polski Ośrodek Rozwoju Technologii

Remote lecture using MS Teams application. Access to the team from the intibs.pl domain (option "Join the team or create a team" + "Join the team by entering the code") using the code: 6qfzlub.

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Confocal microscopy is a versatile imaging technique that enables high resolution and three-dimensional observations of biological specimens and various materials . It is typically based on fluorescence of labeled objects, however, reflected laser light can be also used to reconstruct the surfaces of imaged objects. As a result of the imaging process, an image or a series of images are produced, which can be simply used for 3D visualization of specimens or for more sophisticated quantification of fluorescent signal intensities being a readout of biological processes. In this lecture, the basic principles of confocal microscopy and image processing will be demonstrated from a biologist perspective.

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