Seminarium "Coherence-Correlations-Complexity" (KFT, PWr)

13:15 Wednesday, 17-03-21
Platforma Zoom

Controlling Cavity-Mediated Superconductivity with Quantum States of Light

dr Francesco Piazza

Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems in Dresden

The seminar will be broadcast on the Zoom platform (the link will be made available to interested persons after prior contact at ).


Recently, it has become possible to couple electrons in two-dimensional materials to the quantum electromagnetic field of optical cavities. This realises a yet unexplored regime of Quantum Electrodynamics, which is non-relativistic, non-vacuum, and strongly coupled. Among many exciting avenues, one promising idea is to use the photons in the cavity to mediate pairing between electrons, inducing superconducting states with novel properties [1,2]. An exciting prospect, that makes photons the more interesting mediator with respect to the phonons of the standard BCS paradigm, is to exploit state-of-the-art engineering of the quantum states of light to control superconductivity. A naturally emerging question, which remains still open, is whether one can enhance superconductivity by feeding the cavity with certain quantum states of the photons. We recently developed a non-equilibrium field-theory approach that allows to tackle this question [3]. In this talk, I will describe our current understanding of the problem and first steps in answering the above.

[1] F. Schlawin, A. Cavalleri, and D. Jaksch, Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 133602 (2019)

[2] H. Gao, F. Schlawin, M. Buzzi, A. Cavalleri, and D. Jaksch, Phys. Rev. Lett. 125, 053602 (2020)

[3] A. Chakraborty and F. Piazza, arXiv:2008.06513

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