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Seminarium "Coherence-Correlations-Complexity" (KFT, PWr)

13:15 Wednesday, 05-12-18
Sala 320a bud. A-1, Politechnika Wrocławska

Generic appearance of objective results in quantum measurements

dr hab. Jarosław Korbicz

Centrum Fizyki Teoretycznej PAN

Measurement is of central interest in quantum mechanics as it provides the link between the quantum world and the world of everyday experience. One of the features of the latter is its robust, objective character, contrasting the delicate nature of quantum systems. Here we analyze in a completely model-independent way the celebrated von Neumann measurement process, using recent techniques of information flow, studied in open quantum systems. We show the generic appearance of objective results in quantum measurements, provided we macroscopically coarse-grain the measuring apparatus and wait long enough. To study genericity, we employ the widely-used Gaussian Unitary Ensemble of random matrices and the Hoeffding inequality. We derive generic objectivization timescales, given solely by the interaction strength and the systems' dimensions. Our results are manifestly universal and are a generic property of von Neumann measurements.

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