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Seminarium Międzynarodowego Laboratorium Silnych Pól Magnetycznych i Niskich Temperatur PAN

13:00 Thursday, 06-12-12
ul. Gajowicka 95, sala seminaryjna (nowy budynek, II piętro)

Magnetoelectric Effect in Paramagnetic Gyrotropic Piezoelectrics

A. I. Kharkovskiy

International Laboratory of High Magnetic Fields and Low Temperatures PAS, Wroclaw, Institute for High Pressure Physics RAS, Troitsk

Magnetoelectric effect (ME effect), magnetostriction, and piezocoefficient of the paramagnetic piezoelectric NiSO4•6H2O and CsCuCl3 single crystals have been measured in a wide temperature range in magnetic fields up to 14T. The electrical polarizations P is a quadratic function of the magnetic field H at temperatures higher than 30 K. Magnetoelectric effect in the NiSO4•6H2O does not saturate even at high magnetic fields, as it was suggested by L.S. Hou N. Blombergen [Phys. Rev. 138, A1218 (1965)]. The temperature dependence of the ME effect of the both crystals has a sharp maximum in the vicinity of the liquid helium temperature and slowly decreases with the increasing temperature. In the case of CsCuCl3, the ME effect changes a sign around 40 K, and is not zero at temperatures up to 240 K. The ME effect may be partially described by combined influence of the magnetostriction and piezoelectricity.

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