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Seminarium Oddziału Fizykochemii Biomedycznej

11:00 Monday, 15-04-24
sala 6 bud. VIII

Plasmonic boomerang in a single silver nanowire

Dr hab. Dawid Piątkowski

Institute of Physics Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland

Surface plasmon polaritons can transport optical energy over distances of several dozen micrometers, keeping the diameter of the waveguide far below the diffraction limit. This presentation will discuss the process of surface plasmon-assisted bidirectional light propagation in a metallic nanowire, which was used for remote spectroscopy of a model nanoemitter. This process has been investigated in a specially designed nanostructure consisting of a single, tens of micrometers long silver nanowire and a single up-conversion nanocrystal at its end. It was shown that the excitation of such an emitter could be realized remotely via propagating plasmon polaritons, activated by a laser illuminating the opposite end of the nanowire, where the luminescence of the emitter could also be recorded. This presentation will discuss the mechanism of such a bidirectional process, focusing on three fundamental issues: the efficiency of the laser-nanowire interaction, nanowire attenuation, and the strength of the nanocrystal-nanowire coupling. In conclusion, applications of the plasmonic boomerang will be discussed, including new approaches to metal-enhanced fluorescence analysis.

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