On Friday 24 May 2024, the results of the NCN OPUS 26 and SONATA 19 competitions were announced.

We are pleased to announce that 5 people from our Institute have been awarded grants:

  • Prof. Dariusz Hreniak, PhD - for the project entitled Application of a model of local charge trapping and relaxation in upconversion nanofluorides doped with rare earth ions to obtain long-wavelength infrared-induced visible luminescence (OPUS 26)
  • Dr Karolina Ledwa - for the project entitled Smart multicomponent catalysts for CO2 valorization applications (SONATA 19)
  • Dr. Małgorzata Misiak - for the project entitled Low‐phonon nanocrystals doped with lanthanide ions – new materials for efficient up‐conversion and photon avalanche (SONATA 19)
  • Dr Orest Pavlosiuk - for the project entitled Topological semimetals and goniopolar materials: new efficient transverse thermoelectrics (SONATA 19)
  • Dr Aleksandra Pilch-Wróbel - for the project entitled Understanding Upconversion Resonant Energy Transfer to pH-Sensitive Fluorescent Dyes: From Novel Core-Shell Luminescent Nanomaterials to Sensitive, Background-Free, and Broad-Range pH Sensing (SONATA 19)

Our sincere congratulations and best wishes for the successful completion of your grants.

Results of the OPUS 26 and SONATA 19 (ncn.gov.pl)