INSTITUTION: Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research, Polish Academy of Sciences (ILT&SR PAS), Wrocław Doctoral School of Institutes of Polish Academy of Sciences

CITY: Wrocław 

POSITION: Ph.D. student in the program “Implementation doctorate I”, financed by Ministry of Education and Science (MEiN) in Poland 

SCIENTIFIC DISCIPLINE: chemical sciences







KEYWORDS: biomaterials, plant-based and synthetic drugs, tissue regeneration, pharmacology, cell proliferation and differentiation, digestive system disorders

The Wrocław Doctoral School of Institutes of Polish Academy of Sciences (WDS IPAS) announces special recruitment for a PhD student scholarship in V edition of the program “Implementation doctorate I” – Theme: “Innovative approach to the synthesis and modification of new medicinal products for applications in veterinary medicine”, funded by Ministry of Education and Science in Poland (Reg. no. DWD/5/0566/2021), and carried out under supervision of Prof. Rafał Wiglusz in the Division of Biomedical Physicochemistry of ILT&SR PAS in cooperation with the company HippoVet+ Dr Krzysztof Marycz (Jesionowa street 11, Malin, Poland).

1. Description of the Theme: 

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines plant-based medicines as medicinal products containing an active ingredient. Regardless of the formulation complexity, the biological properties of plant-based products are always ascribed to the individual substances or their combinations. However, the most research are focused on the effects of plant extracts or selected fractions. Such studies do not allow the determination of the most active and therefore the most promising substances concerning a specific pharmacological action. Knowledge about the action (its mechanism) of individual active substances, e.g. plant-based, allows for the development of therapeutic protocols. 

The aim of the research will be to determine the selected biological properties of plant-based materials and their synthetic equivalents which are active ingredients contained in drugs or nutrition. The implementation of this project will bring a new family of medicinal products for use in veterinary medicine.

2. Additional information 

The Ph.D. student program is performed based on the Communication of 16.04.2021 of MEiN on the establishment of the “Implementation Doctorate” program (Communication of MEiN) that grants the PhD fellowship, defined in the Act of 20 July 2018 – Law on higher education and science (Dz. U. no. 1668 as amended) in article 209 paragraph 1, as below. 

The total Ph.D. fellowship per month will be provided:

1.      3450 PLN (gross) – till the month of the mid-term evaluation (planned at the end of II academic year);

2.      4450 PLN (gross) – starting from the next month after the mid-term evaluation (during III and IV academic years).

In addition, the PhD student has granted a financial support for His/Her use of the research infrastructure at ILT&SR PAS, amounting to about 25 000 PLN per each academic year.  

The recruitment is carrying out according to the Act of 20 July 2018 – Law on higher education and science, the Communication of and the Rules of recruitment for WDS IPAS. 

3. Duties and obligations of the PhD student: 

-         timely implementation of the individual research plan, consistent with the doctoral schedule, 

-         Preparation of plant-based medicinal substances and  their synthetic analogues as well as physicochemical and mechanical characterization of the selected materials related to phase transformations of the formulation and the mechanisms of the kinetics of decomposition of pharmaceutical substances,

-         analysis and presentation of the experimental results, elaboration of reports and publications, participation in scientific conferences,

-         following rules and performance of education programme and tasks resulting from the duties of a doctoral student at the Wroclaw Doctoral School of Institutes of Polish Academy of Sciences.

-         completion of Ph.D. thesis not later than at the end of IV academic year and finally receiving Ph.D. degree. 

3. Requirements from the candidate: 

-         master’s degree in chemistry, material engineering or related disciplines

-         scientific interests in physicochemistry/biochemistry/organic chemistry/biomedicine

-         knowledge and experience in experimental work including spectroscopic and microscopic methods

-         good knowledge of English 

-         motivation for scientific work, diligence, independence, ability to work in a team, creativity.

5. Required documents: 

According to the rules of recruitment for WDS IPAS for 2021/22 academic year:

Additional obligatory document:

Statement of the company HippoVet+ Dr Krzysztof Marycz (Jesionowa street 11, Malin, Poland) that in the case of admission to Wrocław Doctoral School of Institutes of Polish Academy of Sciences the candidate will remain or will be employed (not later than from 1.10.2021) on the full time in the period of the doctoral studies and the consent to His/Her education in the doctoral school within the program and providing Him/Her an auxiliary advisor out of the company staff.

6. Applications for admission to the School must be submitted by 12.09.2021 until 3:00 p.m.: 

-         in person at the School’s Secretariat at the Institute of Low Temperatures and Structure Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences at Okólna Street 2 in Wrocław, Poland) from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


by registered mail or courier service (date of receipt of documents at the School's premises decides) to the address: WSD IPAN, ul. Okólna 2, 50-422 Wrocław, Poland


by e-mail to , the original documents should be however delivered before the beginning of the education (failure to meet this requirement will result in the removal from the list of doctoral students).
For further information please contact prof. Rafał Wiglusz (, tel. +48 71 3954 159).

Personal information
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