Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research PAS, in cooperation with International Max Planck School in Dresden, offers W. Trzebiatowski Fellowship for conducting scientific research in physics or chemistry within Full-Time PhD Programme in the Institute.

In order to apply for the fellowship, the applicant requires MSc degree obtained within last 3 years (students that are about to get the degree in the current year can be qualified for the fellowship provisionally, provided they obtain the degree until September, the 30th). The fellowship is awarded in a contest, which results are based on grades of the applicant while getting the MSc degree and an interview.

The Fellowship amount was 3000zł in academic year 2010/2011.

Application with copy of student book should be filed in the Institute Secretariat (see, address data) until June, 27th. The interview will take place in July, 1st, 2011.

The Fellowship is granted for one year (starting from October, 1st) and can be extended for the following two years. .