Topic: Synthesis of nanocatalysts

Tutor: Dr. Rafael de Lima Oliveira

Contact: 71 395 4 152, email:

Description:  The topics of the internship are addressed to students of chemistry, chemical engineering, physics, material science, and engineering. The research will aim to obtain and characterize solid catalysts and apply them in oxidation reactions, such as gas-phase reactions (hydrocarbons or CO oxidations) or liquid phase reactions (alcohols or biomass oxidations).

The task of the training will be the synthesis of catalysts using different strategies, resulting in well-designed morphology, pore-structure, and composition. Moreover, the student will perform physicochemical characterization (such as N2 physisorption, microcopies, thermoprogrammed analyses, and diffraction methods).  Measurements of catalytic activity will also be done. The student will also prepare reports based on the performed tests. Required predisposition to work in a chemical laboratory and knowledge of the English language.