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Seminarium Oddziału Badań Magnetyków

14:00 Wednesday, 26-10-16
sala nr 6 (bud. II)

Metallic Quantum Ferromagnets

dr Manuel Brando

Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids, Dresden

In my talk I will review studies on quantum criticality with focus on metallic ferromagnets [1]. The existence of a ferromagnetic (FM) quantum critical point (QCP) has been a matter of discussion as long as 40 years ago, but had been dismissed in the past 15. During the last years several ferromagnetic metals have been tuned across the ferromagnetic quantum phase transition. Here, astonishing discoveries were made thatare extending our understanding of ferromagnetic quantum criticality: inparticular, the discovery of a FM QCP in the quasi-1D heavy-fermion YbNi4P2 [2] and the SDW phase found in the transition metal NbFe2 [3]. In between, I will complement my talk with a short overview of the experimental techniques used to nail down these discoveries.

[1] M. Brando et al., Reviews of Modern Physics 88, 025006 (2016).
[2] A. Steppke et al., Science 339, 933 (2013).
[3] M. Brando et al., Physcial Review Letters 101, 026401 (2008). 

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