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Seminarium Oddziału Fizykochemii Biomedycznej

10:00 Friday, 19-04-24
Microsoft Teams

Upconversion nanophotonics - to see, to touch, to feel the nanoscale world

Prof. Fan Wang

Beihang University, China

Seminarium odbędzie się w trybie zdalnym przy użyciu programu Microsoft Teams. Osoby w domenie intibs.pl mogą dołączyć do zespołu Seminarium OFB przy użyciu kodu: 7aoxdkd. Pozostałe osoby proszone są o kontakt pod adresem  

The seminar will be held remotely using Microsoft Teams. People in the intibs.pl domain can join the Seminarium OFB team using the code: 7aoxdkd. Other persons are asked to contact us at  


Super-resolution microscopy, Optical tweezers, and single nanoparticles tracking are cutting-edge technologies in photonics, providing unique tools for the study of micro-nano materials, condensed matter, and bioimaging. Currently, due to limitations in nanoprobes, these photonics technologies each have their constraints, such as imaging depth. This presentation will introduce the field of upconversion nanophotonics to overcome existing limitations in photonics. We used the upconversion nanoparticles to develop a novel ion resonance nanoprobe for nanoscale optical trapping, exhibiting an optical force 30 times higher than traditional probes, for the first time by discovering a 'force dye' that significantly enhances the trapping efficiency of cells 1. Additionally, using vortex beam scanning super-resolution imaging, he has enhanced multiplexing super-resolution imaging by reading the optical nonlinearity of upconversion nanoparticles2. The applicant has also utilized fluorescence self-interference for ultra-fast axial position sensing imaging, achieving resolutions below 2.8 nm at a frequency of 50 Hz3.

1. Shan, X. et al. Nat Nanotechnol 16, 531–537 (2021).

2. Ding, L. et al. Advanced Materials 36, 2308844 (2024).

3. Liu, Y. et al. Nat Commun 12, 2019 (2021).

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