23.05 - 26.05.2016

On behalf of Organizing Committee and the European Upconversion network (COST CM1403), we have the pleasure to invite you to (UPCON’16) The 1st Conference and Spring School on Properties, Design and Applications of Upconverting Nanomaterials which will be held from 23rd to 27th of May, 2016 in Wrocław, Poland. The conference venue will be located in the center of historical part of Wrocław City, in the Aula hall of museum and library of Ossolinscy family. The historic city of Wroclaw is the European Capital of Culture in 2016, which will offer numerous artistic events and attract many visitors from around the world. The location of Wrocław in the centre of Europe makes it also easily accessible by plane, train and highways.

The meeting will combine two events: 
(1) an international conference : 23rd-25th May 
(2) a Spring School : 25th-27th May 

We invite researchers, scholars and engineers, from all fields of up-conversion research to present and share their latest results and discuss future research strategies during the conference. The Spring School will be a unique opportunity for graduate students to get first-hand training on the synthesis, properties and (bio) applications of up-converting nanoparticles from the most eminent researchers in the field.
To register for the conference and school, please follow the link REGISTRATION.

Prof. Artur Bednarkiewicz UPCON’16 chairman, Polish Academy of Sciences & Wrocław Research Centre EIT+, Poland
Prof. Hans Gorris COST chair & UPCON’16 co-chairman, University of Regensburg, Germany
Prof. Tero Soukka COST vice-chair & UPCON’16 co-chairman, Univeristy of Turku, Finland


im. Włodzimierza Trzebiatowskiego
Adres Instytutu:
ul. Okólna 2, 50-422 Wrocław
Adres elektroniczny:
71 343 5021, 71 395 4xxx (xxx nr wew.)
Fax: 71 344 1029
Poniedziałek - piątek w godz. 7:30-15:30