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Lecture within WDS IPAS

12:00, 21-05-05
Microsoft Teams

Applied Crystallography. A practical course. Part 4 of 4

dr Vasyl Kinzhybalo

Remote lecture using MS Teams application. Access to the team from the intibs.pl domain (option "Join the team or create a team" + "Join the team by entering the code") using the code: 6qfzlub.

Wykład zdalny przy pomocy aplikacji MS Teams. Dostęp do zespołu z domeny ntibs.pl (opcja „Dołącz do zespołu lub utwórz zespół” + „Dołącz do zespołu, wpisując kod”) przy pomocy kodu: 6qfzlub.

During the course some theoretical background and practical aspects of X-ray diffraction data collection and interpretation in materials characterization will be presented along with the instructions for sample preparation and measurement. For powder samples qualitative and quantitative analysis, grain size estimation, Rietveld refinement, interpretation of variable temperature experiments and structure solution will be presented. For single crystal samples data collection and reduction procedures as well as crystal structure solution and refinement will be discussed. The students are encouraged to use their own data during the course.

The recommended software to be installed from Software Center before the course:

  1. Match!
  2. FullProf Suite
  3. CrysAlisPro 41_64.93a
  4. Expo2014
  5. Mercury 4.3.0
  6. Olex
  7. Shelx

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