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Department of Magnetic Reseach Seminar

14:00, 21-05-05
Microsoft Teams

Low-temperature e-beam lithography

dr Magdalena Majewicz

Oddział Badań Magnetyków INTiBS PAN we Wrocławiu

Seminarium odbędzie się zdalnie w aplikacji Microsoft Teams. W celu wzięcia udziału w wydarzeniu należy dołączyć do zespołu Seminarium OBM.Można do niego dołączyć na stałe przy użyciu kodu dostępu ol7omod (dotyczy to osób posiadających konto w domenie intibs.pl, pozostałe osoby proszę o kontakt z dr. hab. Adamem Pikulem ()).


In today’s world, planar technology allows the production of processors containing 600 million transistors per mm2 in 5 nm technology. It might suggest that the application of known technology for the preparation of single micro- or nanostructure of any material should give excellent results. However, it turns out that methods of structurisation widely used for materials such as silicon or GaAs could lead to damage of less durable material. One of the candidates for 2D topological insulator, HgTe/(Hg,Cd)Te quantum well, is one of the examples of the heterostructure that is particularly fragile and sensitive to a temperature higher than 100℃. To fabricate multiprobe microstructures suitable for transport measurement new low-temperature method of microstructurisation was developed. In this talk, I will discuss procedures that could help at the beginning of work with new, atypical material. I will also show how to modify existing recipes and schemes to work in totally new conditions.

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