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Department of Magnetic Reseach Seminar

13:30, 19-02-27
sala nr 6 (bud. II)

Unconventional superconductivity and tuned quantum critical points in the helical AFM compound CrAs

prof. Tuson Park

Wydział Fizyki i Centrum Materiałów Kwantowych i Nadprzewodnictwa Uniwersytetu Sungkyunkwan w Suwon w Korei

Unconventional superconductivity commonly emerges in proximity to a magnetically ordered phase, raising the possibility that critical spin fluctuations may mediate the formation of superconducting Cooper pairs. In this seminar, we introduce an interesting new example of CrAs, where a double helical antiferromagnetic order is tuned to zero temperature at a projected critical pressure where a dome of superconductivity reaches a maximum Tc. When doped with 0.7% Al, however, the superconductivity is completely detached from tunable quantum critical point in the 0.7% Al-doped CrAs, suggesting that the Cooper pair formation is not mediated by critical magnetic fluctuations. These discoveries, which are very different from other classes of unconventional superconductors, not only point to new understanding of superconductivity in CrAs but also indicate more broadly the power of using multiple non-thermal tuning parameters simultaneously to reveal the intricate relationship between superconductivity and a hidden quantum critical point.

im. Włodzimierza Trzebiatowskiego
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