Seminarium Instytutu Fizyki Teoretycznej Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego

12:15 piątek, 26-10-18
UWr, pl. Maksa Borna 9, sala 422

Loop Quantum Cosmology: from polymer quantization to Early Universe dynamics

dr Tomasz Pawłowski


Loop Quantum Cosmology is an application of a nonstandard (that is based on a representation different from Schroedinger one) quantization procedure applied to quantize the spacetime itself in context of (simple) cosmological models of Universe. I will present a very brief outline of the theory and its main results. Further I will discuss some of its advantages, caveats and challenges following from its reliance on the nonstandard (the so called polymeric) quantization, and present recent results following from exploration of these aspects of the formalism.

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