07.09 - 10.09.2020
Wrocław, Poland
Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research, Polish Acad  Website

After careful consideration of the ongoing spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus disease) all over the world, the Organizing Committee of the 1st  International Conference on Advanced Materials for Bio-Related Applications decided not to conduct the AMBRA 2020 in September 7–10, 2020.

We have been monitoring the coronavirus situation with the health, safety, and well-being of our guests in mind. The Organizing Committee arrived at this difficult decision after consulting with public institutions and health authorities. Ultimately, the global nature of our Conference, rapidly escalating health concerns regarding the coronavirus, and ongoing travel and other restrictions made it impossible for us to hold the Conference at this time.

Nevertheless, we would like to organize the Conference in May 2021. More information will be available soon.

The AMBRA 2020 conference will be organized for the first time by the interdisciplinary scientific community of the city of Wroclaw. During the event, we would like to initiate a forum for discussion on advanced materials that find applications in many biological and medical fields. Thus, we hope to meet in Wroclaw experts working in nanotechnology, biomaterials, tissue engineering, orthopedics, cardiac surgery, maxillofacial engineering, microbiology, pharmacy, agriculture, and other areas.

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