23.10 - 25.10.2017

The major objective of the Excellent Science Days is to promote excellence across Europe through strengthening the potential of young researchers from Central and Eastern Europe to become scientific competitors on European Research and Cooperation Programmes (i.e. ERC, COST, FET, Marie Curie) and enhance their capability to successfully submit the research manuscripts to top level journals in natural sciences.

The event will comprise two parts:

  • 1.5 day lasting workshop dedicated to „good scientific writing”
  • 1 day lasting workshop dedicated to “proposal writing”

To make this event as productive as possible, this closed workshop (upon recruitment) will be provided for selected 25 researchers with some, proven already skills such as scientific independence, group leading and carrying research grants (National, EU).

More details

  • Adres Instytutu:
    ul. Okólna 2, 50-422 Wrocław
    Adres pocztowy:
    P Nr 1410, 50-950 Wrocław 2
  • 71 343 5021, 71 395 4xxx (xxx nr wew.)
    Fax:  71 344 1029
  • Poniedziałek - piątek w godz. 7:30-15:30