Seminar of Division of Theory of Condensed Matter

12:30, 20-01-28
budynek II, sala 409a

Phase transition in random anisotropy magnets

Maxym Dudka

Institute for Condensed Matter Physics, Lwów

The effects of structural quenched disorder on phase transitions in magnets are in focus of researchers' attention, since a varying degree of impurities is present in every material studied in the laboratory. Classifying disordered magnets according to  their types of disorder one distinguishes between random site, random-field and random anisotropy magnets. I am  interested in the random anisotropy magnets which are comparatively less studied. In this seminar I will present results of field-theoretical renormalization group study of dependence of critical properties of random anisotropy model  on the distribution of random axis in the case of weak disorder. As well as I discuss discrepancy the sefield-theoretical renormalization group results and Monte Carlo simulations.

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