Department of Magnetic Reseach Seminar

13:30, 19-06-26
sala nr 6 (bud. II)

Antiferromagnetic ordering in R3Ni2In4 (R = Tb-Tm)

dr hab. Stanisław Baran

Instytut Fizyki im. M. Smoluchowskiego, Uniwersytet Jagielloński

Ternary indides having general composition R3Ni2In4 (R – rare earth element) have been found to crystallize in the hexagonal Lu3Co2In4‑type structure which is a lower-symmetry derivative of the commonly known ZrNiAl-type one. Our recent magnetometric measurements supported by powder neutron diffraction indicate that the title compounds, except the erbium one, order antiferromagnetically at low temperatures. The corresponding Néel points do not exceed 25 K. ErNi2In4 has been found to be paramagnetic down to 1.6 K.

A short introduction on investigation of magnetic structures by means of neutron diffraction will be provided.

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