Department of Magnetic Reseach Seminar

13:30, 19-05-23
sala nr 6 (bud. II)

Muon spectroscopy: Sauron's eye for magnetism

dr Debarchan Das

Muons are one of the elementary particles having electric charge -1e and spin ½  generally classified as leptons following Fermi-Dirac statistics. Due to its extreme sensitivity to very small magnetic fields, muon spectroscopy has become an important experimental tool in recent time. Similar to the main antagonist character Sauron in “Lord of the Rings” (by  J. R. R. Tolkien) who could sense the presence of the “Ring”, muon spectroscopy can also comprehend the very existence of even infinitesimally small magnetic moment in the compound investigated. In this talk I’ll  discuss the basics of  muon spectroscopy including muon production, its decay process and experimental geometries. Followed by this detailed introduction, I’ll present the results of two compounds (one superconductor and one antiferromagnetic system near quantum criticality) for better understanding.

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