Department of Magnetic Reseach Seminar

13:30, 19-02-20
sala nr 6 (bud. II)

Magnetic ordering in uranium germanides UT1-xGe2 (T = Fe, Ni, Os)

dr Maria Szlawska

In my talk, I will present results of our recent studies of three uranium-based phases with composition UT1-xGe2 (for T = Fe, Ni, Os). They were synthesized and characterized in the course of systematic search for novel uranium-based germanides.

Our investigations confirmed that these phases possess UFe0.45Ge2, UNi0.45Ge2 and UOs0.25Ge2 compositions and crystallize with orthorhombic unit cell of CeNiSi2-type (for T = Fe, Ni) and monoclinic unit cell of URu0.29Ge2-type (for T = Os). The physical properties measurements revealed that UFe0.45Ge2 is a cluster-glass system with the freezing temperature of 37 K, UNi0.45Ge2 show long-range antiferromagnetic ordering below 47 K, and UOs0.25Ge2 orders ferromagnetically at 54 K. Furthermore, the Ni-bearing phase undergoes metamagnetic transition in high magnetic fields.

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